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This combo pillow is very popular gift set for anyone who want to use smooth wooden pillow, to bring the curve back in your neck.  Straight neck is result of bad posture and constantly looking down at your phones or typing...this effects your balance and headaches.  Please refer to the Spine Misalignment chart on our website.  
We have put together an interchangeable acuball pillow for those who want extra deep tissue massage.  
Made in USA and 60 day money guarantee (shipping is not included)
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Neck: Lie back and place the pillow on the “C” curve of your neck. You may use a towel for more comfort. Relax and rest your neck on the pillow for 5-10 minutes and continue with breathing. Gently roll your head side to side and massage the knots that cause a blockage. You may experience dizziness or soreness in your muscles, but this symptom will go away after a couple of days. Listen to your body and gradually increase the massaging time as needed.

Upper or Lower Back: Place a towel on the pillow for more comfort for this stretch. Lie back and place the pillow on the upper or lower back and allow the muscles to stretch for 1-2 minutes before stretching arms above the shoulders. Bend your knees and rock side to side for a deeper massage. Do not fall asleep in this position. When rising, gently roll the body to the side and reach to touch your toes and stretch.

Stomach: Lie face down and place the pillow on the stomach area and gently keep your arms stretched above your head for up to two minutes. You may roll your body side to side to stimulate and enhance circulation in your stomach area.

Ankle: Stimulate circulation through the Achilles’ tendon by resting on the pillow and gently rolling your heel from side to side. This will help increase circulation and help the healing process.

Foot: For personal hygiene, wear socks when massaging the feet. Place the entire weight on top of the foot and gently massage the various part of the foot starting from the toes, middle, and heel. After stimulating each foot, try to stand on both feet on top of the pillow while balancing. Please use only the top piece when doing the foot massage to avoid falling or losing balance.