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Sae Arc promotes 3 simple S’s which are: Stretch the Spine, Strengthen the muscles, and Stimulate the Joints. If you visit Youtube and just type “Sae Arc” you will see more than 40 videos posted by different experts on how to use various tools.

For first-time users, just remember your body does not want to change and will have some struggle in the beginning. However, this is temporary and once you train your muscles and keep on stretching the spine (decompression) is what you doing when the arc is slowly stretching the neck and back. Before using the tools, please print the Spine chart on our website, watch the videos related to your purchase on Youtube, and read the instruction. If you have a pre-existing condition, we asked that you speak with your doctor or trainer to see what type of exercises should be avoided to worsen your condition.

Our spine is the foundation of the body and controls, muscles, movements, etc… so a misaligned spine means that your body is not functioning optimally. Using wooden spine stretchers will be the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to have a healthy spine. Do it when you are young, older folks will have a much difficult time using these tools because as our body ages, most of the unused muscles will harden and difficult to stretch.

Richard Kim the inventor and founder have improved these ancient devices and has turned them into an easy to use at home back care products. His products were presented in TEEIT UP National Golf Channel, appeared in Good Morning San Diego TV, and have been chosen by national inventors and exhibit two years in a row at the RESPONSE Expos.
For hundreds of years, wooden pillows and back stretchers were used by acupuncturists, kungfu, and yoga trainers for effective spine stretching for better circulation and to improve posture. For many years, these devices were imported and were only sold in holistic wellness centers and health professionals at a very high price.

Now we offer the made in USA wooden stretchers and consumers can now readily purchase these quality wooden devices at an affordable price. There are so many benefits of using these spine stretchers. Most people failed to stretch regularly and having these tools at home, it will help correct misaligned spine, relax muscle tensions, and increase flexibility. The goal is to restore the natural “S” curvature using one’s own weight without hanging upside-down or time-consuming therapies that are making you more dependent.

By maintaining a “C” curve neck, and proper lumbar curve, individuals will maintain better balance and muscle control. Having proper curves helps the weight-bearing joints, such as the hips and knees, while they are working in tandem. When the spine becomes misaligned, the joints and organs surrounding it are concurrently affected and bear the burden that the spine is meant to alleviate.

Within the spine, each vertebra is cushioned by spongy discs that provide flexibility as well as a space for the nerves of the spinal cord to pass through. The vertebrae also provide shelter for the spinal cord, protecting the fragile nerves that send signals to muscles throughout the entire body. Sae Arc provides versatile wooden stretching devices that will be improved blood circulation, correct posture, and tension relief. The products are affordable and are vital to a healthy spine. Supported by numerous testimonials and referred by health professionals all over the world.

Sae Arc products are currently sold by chiropractors, acupuncturists, health professionals, and specialty retail stores. Sae Arc’s devices are handcrafted in the United States and have a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the results.