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This smooth top back stretcher is enjoyed by many dancers, athletes who love the extra height to stretch and glide his/her back. 

If you feel young and healthy than we recommend this 4" smooth back stretcher.  For demonstration videos, please go to Youtube and type "Sae Arc" and see various health experts using similar tool.  Key is to relax and breathe, and let allow your weight to gently pull the spine for 1-2 minutes.  You will be so happy to adjust your own spine and get the best result.

How to Use: Place the device on the floor and slowly lower the upper back or lumbar to stretch using your own body weight. Breathe normally and relax the muscles and allow gravity to pull and stretch the spine for 1-2 minutes. Gradually increase the time as needed. Also, bend your knees up and rock side to side to strengthen the muscles. When finished, roll the body to the side or lift the hips to remove the device.

Proudly made in USA, and 60 day money back guarantee (shipping is not included)

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