Item 201: 2 Level Wooden Back Stretcher. $50

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Develop a healthier back with the Two-In-One Back Stretcher. Learn stretches that will relieve muscle tensions and back pain due to spinal misalignment. Allowing your spine to stretch against the device with the use of your own bodyweight will ease soreness while simultaneously enhancing circulation and increase muscle strength.

After placing the device on the floor, lie on your upper or lower back, depending on where the tension is greatest, and breathe gently while stretching. If you experience too much stretching, bend your knees and gradually you go to the next step by raising both arms above the head and tilt the toes forward. This allows for maximum stretching of the spine, increases circulation, and strengthens spine muscles.

For beginners, use the device for 1-2 minutes and gradually increase the time as needed. 

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