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This wooden pillow offers four different heights to accommodate different neck.  Person who has lost the "c" curve, should start with using the top pillow and gradually increase the height using the two levels. 

Use the towel for the neck, and wear sock when massaging the foot.  There are many videos in Youtube, so type "sae arc" and watch demonstration videos before using the wooden pillow for best result.

Warning: If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor prior to use. Soreness may be experienced after use but will subside within several days.

Dimensions: 11 ” (L) x 4 3/4” (W) x 2 1/2” (H)
Made in USA

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Originally $60.00- Now $40.00 Made in the USA.
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Use the towel for additional comfort. Rest your neck against the arc of the pillow. Now gently feel the neck stretching and role the neck side-to-side to relieve knots for about 1-2 minutes before repeating the process. Use various heights to hug the neck curve and be sure to massage the knots to help increase circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Place the device on the upper and lower back using the preferred height level. Breathe for about 1 minute feeling the stretch and move the body to work the tight muscles and to help stretch the vertebrate using your own body weight. For lower back, bend both knees up and gently rock side to side and massage and lift the hips up in the bridge position. This stretch is great for easing the lower back pain and will help realign the lower vertebrate.
Place the device on your stomach and lie face down moving the body side to side. Target and massage the lower, middle, and lower stomach to enhance circulation. For tighter buttocks, breathe in and out lift one leg at a time and feel the back tightening and relaxing.
Step on the top of the arc, using one foot at a time, and alternate and stimulate the various pressure points in your foot. After massaging each foot, you may want to place both feet on top of the device and work on balancing. Only use the top base of the pillow to avoid falling.

Warning: Always find the comfortable height level and do not prolong one stretch if you are new to this device. If you experience soreness after using the device, rest for a couple of days and relax the muscles before using it again.