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Sae Arc – Therapeutic wooden pillow, spine alignment devices for a healthier lifestyle

Sae Arc provides the best solution for a healthier lifestyle through gentle exercise using our wooden pillow which can be adjusted to any individual preference.
The best products for back pain, chiropractic devices, spine alignment, yoga stretching devices, and more.

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Sae Arc wooden spine stretchers target the entire spine effectively in pain relief and help
improve posture through gentle stretching exercise.

For hundreds of years, wooden pillows and back stretchers were used by acupuncturists, kungfu, and yoga trainers for effective spine stretching for better circulation and to improve posture. For many years, these devices were imported and were only sold in America by doctor’s offices at a very high price. Now we offer the made in USA wooden stretchers and consumers can now readily purchase these quality wooden devices at an affordable price.

What Customers say

I purchased the Sae Arc set couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you for developing such a beneficial product. My neck and back have not felt this good since beginning grad school! Also, I mentioned your products to my chiropractor… Thanks again.- Victoria Torok
Six months ago, while recovering from an auto accident, I received the Sae Arc wooden pillow as a gift. My chiropractor highly suggested this product to realign my spine. After using it for the first time, I immediately felt my head clearing and definitely feeling better. Now I use it daily and confidently recommend it to anyone experiencing back pain!- Angela, Sales representative
I strongly recommend Sae Arc devices to my patients who have neck and back pain due to the poor posture combining with acupuncture treatment.- Director Cho, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac.


Please contact us at Customer Service with questions or comments.